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Driven Marine Polish DRIVEN® Marine Polish is the best of the best. It’s loaded with the material necessary to hold up and protect in all harsh marine environments including intense sun and saltwater exposure. DRIVEN can be used on all marine finishes and windows, giving your fiberglass or paint a gorgeous high gloss wet look with incredible depth and clarity. DRIVEN can be applied in sun or shade and once applied, environmental contaminants refuse to stick and easily wash off. We recommend applying twice a year for incredible results. Product Details
Driven Finish Restorer DRIVEN® Finish Restorer is a micro abrasive glazing compound exceptional for buffing out weathered automotive and marine finishes including paint, clear coat, fiberglass gel coat and all types of metal either by hand or with an electric buffer. Oxidation, heavy water spots and light surface scratches are all removed. The Finish Restorer simultaneously feeds the finish with a full spectrum of essential polymers and oils resulting in a phenomenal shine. Product Details
Driven Wash Concentrate DRIVEN® Wash Concentrate safely cleans all automotive and marine finishes without stripping polish or wax. Activated by water, this unique combination of cleaning agents foams away surface contaminants while brightening and nourishing the finish with a full spectrum of protective polymers. Completely biodegradable and pH balanced. Product Details
Driven Quick Spray Concentrate DRIVEN® Quick Spray Concentrate is an exceptional quick detailer for removing fresh surface contaminants and newly formed water spots from all hard surfaces including fiberglass, paint, metal, plastic and glass. This unique formulation can be applied in direct sunlight, and works by combining biodegradable cleaners, the power of citrus, and a full spectrum of essential polymers and oils. It will not remove polish or wax, but does allow fresh contaminants and newly formed water spots to be wiped away without streaking. This incredible formula not only cleans, it brightens; adding depth, brilliance and non-stick protection to all high gloss finishes. Product Details
Driven MultiSurface Cleaner Concentrate DRIVEN® MultiSurface Cleaner Concentrate is a very powerful industrial strength cleaner that is 100% biodegradable, completely non caustic and has zero volatile organic compounds (solvents). It safely deep cleans a multitude of surfaces including vinyl and leather, rubber and plastic, fabric and carpet, completely removing heavy dirt, oil and grime, mold and mildew, deep yellowing and discoloration, grease and exhaust fumes, fresh and saltwater buildup, pet and food stains, industrial fallout, and much more. Dilute it with water in a spray bottle, in a bucket, or in a machine. Once you see what it does, DRIVEN MultiSurface Cleaner Concentrate is sure become your cleaner of choice. Product Details
Driven Vinyl / Rubber / Leather Protector DRIVEN® Vinyl/Rubber/Leather Protector is a conditioning cream that preserves and protects vinyl, rubber and leather leaving them naturally soft and supple without being slippery or greasy. With a full spectrum of rich gels, protective polymers and UV sunscreen, DRIVEN completely protects new surfaces and rejuvenates old and neglected surfaces that are dry and faded due to weather and sun exposure. The Ultimate Protection Against Nature’s Elements™. Product Details
Driven Extreme Duty Glass Cleaner DRIVEN® Extreme Duty™ Glass Cleaner is an aggressive cleaner designed to safely remove the very toughest, etched in, hard water build up and stains from any glass surface. By combining acid and abrasives into a gel, along with a full spectrum of industrial strength cleaners, DRIVEN has the power to clean the most severely weathered glass surface, including hard water spots, calcium and mineral buildup, heavy lime scale, salt spray, rust ,alkali, mold/mildew and paint over-spray. Product Details

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